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Advanced to Fellowship – Steps & Requirements

You’ve worked hard to develop your leadership skills and career path and now you’re eligible for that next professional step – advancement to Fellowship within ACHE.

Advancement to Fellowship is a major part of our leadership and career development as healthcare executives and is something we all should strive for. We strongly encourage any Members eligible for advancement to Fellowship to join your other eligible colleagues and take that next professional step to becoming a board- certified healthcare executive.

The American College of Healthcare Executives has prepared a number of documents that can help explain the steps to be taken to advance to Fellowship, provide answers to frequently asked questions about advancement, and explain the requirements for Fellowship with the College. For your convenience we have provided the following links to these documents on the ACHE website.

HCMACNY Preparation Program for ACHE Board of Governor’s Exam

In November 2020, our HCMACNY Chapter will once again offer an exciting benefit for all our members who are considering advancing to Fellowship within ACHE. The Board has developed a program of 12 monthly teleconferences, each one hour long, to help members prepare for taking the Board of Governors (BOG) exam – the final step for advancement to Fellowship. The program begins in November with an introductory session on the advancement process and BOG exam. Ten monthly sessions will follow, from December 2020 to September 2021, with each session covering a specific topic area of the exam. The 12th session, to be held in October 2021, will be led by recently credentialed Fellows who will suggest some final preparations and tips for taking the exam.

On this website you will find a section labeled “Preparation Program for ACHE Board of Governors Exam” where you can find the schedule and supporting material for these sessions and where you can also register for these sessions which are free of charge. Once you register we will automatically send you materials and reminders to facilitate your preparation for the exam. If you have any questions about the program feel free to contact one of the Chapter’s officers or Jim Connolly, LFACHE (518-727-6974).

Advancement to Fellowship is a major part of our leadership and career development and is something we all should strive for. We believe this program will be of great help in assuring a successful achievement of Fellowship. Join your HCMANY colleagues today in taking advantage of this special opportunity!